Collection: Plate with your own text

The plates are printed on aluminum plates with the text of your choice, using alphabets, numbers, and special characters. The plates are manufactured in exactly the same way as the official number plates, so they match the quality of the official plates and have excellent outdoor durability.

The plates are available in two different sizes: 520x110x1mm and 340x90x1mm. The range of colours is wide, so in addition to the basic colours, you can also find special colours such as reflective and metallic plates. In addition to these plates, we also produce US, directional arrow and house number plates. For more information, please email

A plate with your own text can be used as a nameplate, decoration, advertising, weddings, prams, building nameplates, road signs, photography, office desks or wherever you can think of. It is also a very personal and personalised gift that will last and last almost forever. So the uses are numerous and limited only by your imagination and the number of signs you can make.

Plates and special plates, 520x110x1mm

  • 10 characters in large font
  • 12 characters in medium font
  • 18 characters in small font (can be printed in two lines, 18 characters on the top line and 18 characters on the bottom line).

The available special characters are: # @ &. - ♥

Small plates, 340x90x1mm

  • 8 characters in medium font
  • 12 characters in small font

The available special characters are: # @ . -

First select the plate's type and plate colour, then the text and frame colour can be printed in black, white, silver, green, blue, red or yellow.

Once you are in the shop, you can configure your plate order, but before you do, please read the rules on the About page about allowed plates.

NOTE! Unless otherwise agreed, the registration plate with your own text will always be printed in the largest possible font. If you want more characters or other special features on your plate, please check the printing options before placing your order at